Chicago Loop Bars - Chicago, IL

Lobby Bar at Palmer House

The Lobby Bar is cleverly placed away from the charming lobby of the stylish Palmer House. The Lobby Bar is stylishly intimate with its hand-made cocktails and welcoming vibe, and a great place to have a nice time with co-workers, family or friends. It’s a place where you will not be interrupted so you can bring your work with you and pound away on the laptop with a nice drink. Always a good place to set up a meeting with a colleague without being anywhere too loud. The setting is very accommodating to a conversational environment. The seating is very comfy with cushioned chairs and there are always free finger foods like popcorn. It’s perfectly lit up for a comfortable atmosphere. The crowd is very mixed and very welcoming with stylish and fashionable patrons. Its definitely a chic place to spend some time by yourself or with someone you know in a relaxed setting.

17 E Monroe St.
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 726-7500