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Cavanaugh's Bar & Restaurant

The service is exceptional at Cavanaugh's! Even when it’s packed, that doesn't mean you have to wait long to get your drink. The food is awesome, very high end. The bar looks nice with its dark hardwood furnishings that give it warmth. It's a bit small, but very cozy and great place to chill. Great place to grab a drink after work. The wait staff is friendly. Cavanaugh’s is a good place to take in some lunch at. The prices for drinks and food are very good. The menu has a nice array of appetizers and full entrees, and items if you are in the health conscious mind state. Free popcorn is always available. It's a mixture of adults of all ages with great welcoming attitudes. Cavanaugh's is definitely a place you can call your own.

53 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL
(312) 939-3125