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Welcome to Party Bus Chicago, the premier source of your Chicago Party Bus service. If you don’t know what a party bus is, its a lot of like a limo, but looks more like a bus. The fleet of party buses are plush with leather sitting fixtures, amazing sound systems with CD/iPod decks, rotating lighting, embedded bar areas, among many other amenities.


The Party Bus Chicago service is available all through any area of Illinois so call them to inquire what we can do for you. We have many options of buses for your needs depending n the number of people you want to transport. Let us drive you around town so you can party hard and not worry about getting into trouble because you partied a little too much.  

We are available to get you and your party to any event to call us now to let us know how we can help.The drivers at Party Bus Chicago are license to the strictest of test and we will safely get you to where you need to go safely and help make your night memorable.  Let us be your party bus and limo option.